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Chief Executive Officer Yoshihiro Tomita

Aiming for the highest quality in the world, we strive to contribute to society as a company focusing on research and development with a global perspective.
Originating from Naruto City in Japan, our products can be found all over the world, meeting the unique needs of a global population.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the many people who have supported us since our founding in 1893. We were the first company in Japan to successfully synthesize basic magnesium carbonate from bittern. Since then, we have been striving to manufacture mainly inorganic pharmaceuticals based on our creed of “always supplying better products to the market”.
In all our products including dry granulated dialysate (our mainstay) , active pharmaceutical ingredients that meet overseas standards, excipients with special functions, and food ingredients that are in high demand, we will continue to make a full commitment to manufacture high-quality products that are trusted by our customers, in contribution to society.

Chief Executive Officer Yoshihiro Tomita

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