Aiming to Achieve Sustainability

Aiming to Achieve Sustainability

Under our Quality Policy, Compliance Policy, and Environmental Policy, Tomita Pharmaceutical is committed to technological innovation and solutions to social issues, and to mutual communication with all concerned parties to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Quality Policy

We, Tomita Pharmaceutical, are committed to consistently supplying safe and high-quality products through quality-first decisions, complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Compliance Policy

We position compliance as the most important criterion in our management, and we will realize fair and proper management by complying with the relevant laws and regulations as well as the internal control system to observe and maintain ethics and rules of society, and fulfill our corporate social responsibility in coexistence with society.
All employees, including top management, shall be aware that it is their responsibility to put this basic policy into practice, and shall strive to take the initiative in setting an example of compliance.

Compliance Code of Conduct

  1. Corporate Mission and Social Responsibility
    1. (1) We strive to create new value and continuously develop our company through technological innovation based on our company creed, beliefs, and sense of mission.
    2. (2) We actively fulfill our corporate social responsibility to our stakeholders.
    3. (3) We actively engage in corporate activities in compliance with the basic policy, and in the event of a violation of the basic policy, we will strive to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence.
  2. Compliance and Ethics
    1. (1) We comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations, company rules, social norms, business rules, etc., and act as sound members of society with high ethical standards.
  3. Business Relationship
    1. (1) We maintain sound and fair relationships with our customers and clients and conduct business under appropriate conditions.
    2. (2) We eliminate antisocial forces, have no relationship whatsoever, including business relationships, with such forces, and categorically reject illegal acts and unreasonable demands.
  4. Customer Confidence
    1. (1) We provide safe and reliable products in a stable manner to satisfy all customers who use our products.
    2. (2) We always listen to our customers, promote technological development, and strive to improve quality so that our customers can trust us.
  5. Management of Available Information and Disclosure of Corporate Information
    1. (1) We strictly manage information collected through our business activities in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
    2. (2) We keep personal, customer, and confidential information confidential and take all possible measures to protect such information.
    3. (3) We strive to disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner.
  6. Safety and Environment
    1. (1) We actively promote safety and hygiene management in our operations.
    2. (2) We aim to create a recycling-oriented society and strive to preserve the global environment.
    3. (3) We recognize that our corporate activities have a significant impact on the environment, and we will voluntarily and proactively engage in environmental conservation activities.
    4. (4) As a member of the local community, we actively engage in social contribution activities.
  7. Respect for Human Rights
    1. (1) We respect human rights in our domestic and international business activities and maintain sound relationships with all parties and companies involved.
    2. (2) We comply with labor-related laws and regulations, evaluate each employee fairly and impartially, respect the human rights, personality, individuality, and diversity of employees, and promote the creation of a healthy, cheerful, and comfortable workplace.
  8. The International Community
    1. (1) We are always conscious of our membership in the international community and strive to make international contributions.
    2. (2) We comply with international rules, relevant laws and local laws in our international business activities.
    3. (3) We respect the culture and customs of countries and regions in which we operate and contribute to local development through technical and cultural exchanges.

Environmental Policy

Our corporate philosophy is “Better Products, Healthier World.” We are committed to contributing to the formation of a society where all people can live healthily in the future, aiming for the coexistence of social development and the global environment through healthy and sound business activities.

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