Our history began with
research and development.

Since our first success in synthesizing basic magnesium carbonate from bittern (a component of seawater) in Japan,
we have been a pioneer in the inorganic chemical industry, mainly in the field of pharmaceuticals.
From a global perspective, we will continue to improve our R&D capabilities as an R&D-oriented company
and make our best efforts to become the one and only global company.

Keeping our management philosophy, “Company Policy,” “Creed,” and “Corporate Mission Statement,” in the hearts of all our employees,
we will continue to contribute to society by providing better products and services that meet the needs of our customers.

In your life,
by your side

Tomita products are everywhere in our lives.
Tomita’s R&D capabilities with an eye on the future support of the daily lives of all people.

  • Pharmaceuticals


    Through the cultivation of pioneering chemical technology and a spirit of insatiable curiosity, we have developed a wide range of products. As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we provide high-quality products in compliance with all international regulations as well as the revised GMP.
    In addition, as required by the pharmaceutical authorities, we are promoting elemental impurity control of all pharmaceutical raw materials, regardless of whether they are active pharmaceutical ingredients or additives, in accordance with ICHQ3D guidelines.

  • Food


    We have a wide range of minerals, such as salt, calcium and iron preparations, and others, that comprise basic ingredients for health foods.

  • Cosmetics


    In addition to various minerals, we also offer functional materials such as FLORITE® which is used as a base material for foundations, carrier for fragrances, and a powder stabillizer for liquid active ingredients.

  • Specialty Chemicals

    Specialty Chemicals

    Due to its unique crystalline structure, the multifunctional additive FLORITE® has extraordinary water and oil absorption as well as excellent moldability. We also have a variety of functional materials such as humidity regulators including calcium choride and anhydrous magnesium sulfate.
    Along with these, we would like to highlight BRISKOIL which is used as a refining agent for functional oils and fats, as well as the TOMITA-AD series that chemically removes impurities whether gaseous or liquid.


Meeting Global Needs

Tomita has expanded its activities globally and continues to challenge industries
with our world-class technological capabilities, particularly in the fields of food and pharmaceuticals.

129th Anniversary

Founded in 1893, Tomita celebrates its 129th anniversary in 2022.

*Data as of April 2021

96 Million Yen
17.07 Billion Yen
Number of Employees
Average Age
40.3 years old

Commitment to Quality

Tomita provides high-quality products though its own quality assurance system.
Not only are our products of high quality, but we also meet global compliance needs such as legal regulations, religious policies, and non-animal policies.

  • GMP regulated production
  • Halal and Kosher
  • International such as FSSC22000 and NSF
  • Japan MF and US DMF
  • Official compendiums such as JP, USP and FCC etc.
  • CSR standards such as Ecovadis evaluation and Sedex

As a pioneer
in inorganic chemistry

Powdered Dialysate Contributes to the Advancement of Medical Care

Combining the advanced formulation technologies in inorganic chemical synthesis, coating, granulation, and mixing that we have cultivated over 100 years of history, Tomita Pharmaceutical was the first in the world to develop a powder formulation of dialysate for dialysis therapy by coating other electrolyte components around a sodium chloride core.
This has contributed to the expansion of dialysis therapy in Japan, and the powdered dialysate is now used in many hospitals for patients requiring dialysis therapy.
We won’t settle for the current quality of life (QOL) of dialysis patients, but are committed to research and development of dialysis agents and related pharmaceuticals to make further improvements and lift and empower this population.

  • Photograph of powdered dialysate (Agent A)

    Photograph of powdered dialysate (Agent A)

  • Electron micrograph of powdered dialysate (Agent A)

    Electron micrograph of powdered dialysate (Agent A)

  • Photograph of elemental distribution (Ca) in the cross section of a particle of powdered dialysate (Agent A)

    Photograph of elemental distribution (Ca) in the cross section of a particle of powdered dialysate (Agent A)

Creating New Value with Our Unique Technology

We provide various mineral-based functional materials by utilizing various drying/burning equipment, pulverizers, reaction tank, and autoclaves, and using our unique particle control technology.
We also support a wide range of products with specific srystal shapes, particle sizes, bulk densities, and specific surface areas and customization according to customer needs.

A unique petaloid crystal structure

Deep and large volume macropores from
a unique petaloid crystal structure

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