Oil Refining Agent BRISKOIL Series

Oil Refining Agent BRISKOIL Series

As a refining agent for functional oils and fats such as DHA and Perilla oil
(decolorizing and deacidifying effects)

The BRISKOIL series can be used as deacidifying and decolorizing aids in the refining process of functional oils and fats.
Based on the technology we have developed over many years of manufacturing inorganic compounds, we offer a lineup of various particle sizes, pore sizes, hardness, and alkalinity levels.

Product name Chemical name Feature
BRISKOIL SMW Magnesium Silicate It has a surface structure specialized for the physical adsorption of coloring components therefore it has a high decolorizing ability.
BRISKOIL MT Magnesium Silicate High deacidifying performance.
BRISKOIL SMN Magnesium Silicate Low bulk and excellent handling during filtration operations.
Apparent bulk(mL/10g) 38 26 30
Average particle size(㎛) 220 120 220
Specific surface area(m2/g) 600 400 300

Evaluation results from batch testing

Evaluation results from batch testing

Oil type: Fried soybean oil (acid value: 0.81, color difference: 49.12) Regenerant addition rate: 1% Treatment conditions: 150°C x 15 min

Decolorizing and deacidifying performance vary depending on the compatibility with the target oil, so please try using the specified oil.

Reference: Use regulation in Japan

*Please check the regulatory status of the country where used.

・BRISKOIL SMW, SMN, MT (Food additive magnesium silicate)
Shall not be used for any purpose other than as a filter aid for fats and oils. Any magnesium silicate used must be removed prior to completion of the final food product.

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