Adsorbent TOMITA-AD Series

Adsorbent TOMITA-AD Series

  • Our adsorbents are chemically stable in both organic and aqueous solvents and have excellent stability against heat, oxygen, humidity, and light.
  • The combination of acidic and basic points allows for a variety of applications.
  • In addition, the spray-dried fine-grained product has spherical granularity and is size controlled, allowing for excellent flowability and filterability.
  • The physical strength of the fine particles is also excellent, and they can be used stably throughout the adsorption treatment operation.

Electron microscope image of adsorbent particles

Powder Fine Particle
Powder Fine particle


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List of Adsorbent Properties

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Product Name pH Bulk Density
Bulk Density
Angle of Repose*1 Angle of Collapse Angle Difference Spatula Angle Specific Surface Area*2
Before Impact After Impact Average Value
4%sus. (g/ml) (g/ml) (°) (°) (°) (°) (°) (°) (m2/g)
TOMITA-AD200P 6.3 0.36 0.45 19.1 42 35 7 61 43 52 64
TOMITA-AD500 8.9 0.36 0.49 26.6 45 39 6 58 47 53 49
TOMITA-AD610NS 10 0.34 0.37 9.3 30 24 6 31 20 26 430

*1 In general, flowability is considered good below 40°, and bridging (cross-linking) is considered unlikely to occur.

*2 Multipoint BET method with N2 gas


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