Inorganic Salts for Pharmaceuticals

Inorganic Salts for Pharmaceuticals

Reliability and track record supported by an advanced quality assurance system

  • As a pioneer of inorganic salts, we present a wide range of products created from the best technology.
  • At our pharmaceutical factory, we provide high-quality products while complying with various international regulations as well as the revised GMP.
  • As required by regulatory authorities, we are promoting elemental impurity control of all pharmaceutical ingredients, whether APIs or additives, in accordance with ICHQ3D guidelines.
  • For elemental impurity control, we conduct risk assessments of raw materials, processes, and manufacturing methods as necessary to reduce elemental impurities and improve quality.

*Please inquire about the status of support for each individual product, as the situation differs depending on the product.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients

Mineral Substance name Applicable official standards
Ca Calcium Chloride Hydrate JP
Calcium Gluconate Monohydrate USP
Mg Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate USP

Pharmaceutical Excipients

Substance name Brand name Applicable official standards Feature
Ca Calcium Silicate FLORITE® PS-10 NF High liquid absorbency, high formability,
liquid tableting and
tablet hardness improvement.
Calcium Silicate FLORITE® PS-200 NF
Calcium Silicate FLORITE® R NF
Calcium Silicate FLORITE® H NF
Si Hydrated Silicon Dioxide FLORITE® A-1 JPE
meeting the Ph. Eur. Spec.
Al Aluminium Acetate in-house
Na Aluminium Sodium Silicate in-house
meeting the Ph. Eur. Spec.

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